Time (again) to blow up the article

Traditional publishers — even those with both feet in the digital realm — insist on continuing to consider the article as the foundation of what they do. Jeff Jarvis has been writing about this for several years, arguing that sometimes — not always; but sometimes — the article would be more useful if broken into its component assets (news event, background, images, multimedia, links, etc.).

Mathew Ingram, writing for GigaOm, has excellently curated a concise overview of this current train of thought.

Ingram cites Jay Rosen’s observation that a Reuters story about the Facebook initial public offering (IPO) was so dense as to be indecipherable to anyone but a financial expert.

If you’re in publishing, you could do far worse than spending a few hours reflecting on Ingram’s piece and his copious sourcing.

All of this is nothing new, of course. Ted Nelson has been railing against this (and so very much more) for far, far too long.

If you’re in publishing, and haven’t studied — really studied — Ted Nelson’s take on all of this, do it now or go sell shoes.

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